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Algiers Travel

The white city welcomes you

Algiers (Al-Jazair), the White City leaves no one indifferent. This city of rare beauty is made of contrasts and surprises at every street corner and the explanation is certainly in its heritage. The mixture of genres is astonishing; from the wide French style boulevards, witnesses of the colonial era to the mazes of narrow alleys that go up to the Kasbah of the Arab city, Algiers slides towards the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The only constant is the warmth of its inhabitants. 


The Casbah of Algiers : 

The Casbah is a spectacular quarter of history, charm and culture. If you are going for a trip to Algiers, start from the lower boulevards with colonial touches and make your way up the higher alleys of the Upper Casbah with its narrow streets, historic fountains and wonderful Ottoman-era houses. 

Casbah Of Algiers


Notre Dame d'Afrique :

The Notre Dame d'Afrique basilica was built by the French in the 1800's when Algeria was a French possession. The view is breathtaking over the Bay of Algiers and its harbor.

The notre Dame d'Afrique basilica Algiers



Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamma:

The botanical garden of Algiers is a wonderful place for people of all ages. Combining nature and history, it is a peaceful break in the trepid city life that attracts people who have chosen to travel to Algiers.

Botanical Garden Hamma Algiers


Founded in 944 by the Zirid Berber dynasty, Algiers experienced several Arab and Berber sovereigns and even Norman and Spanish until 1516 when it became a province of the Ottoman Empire. From 1830 to 1962, it is under French colonial rule until the independence of Algeria, on July 5, 1962, when it became officially the country’s capital.


Museum of Fine Arts

The best collection of art in the country. Opened in 1930, it traces the progress of European and Algerian artists from the 16th century, on with neoclassic art from David and Delacroix, and a Renoir painted during the artist’s visit in 1882.  

Placette Dar es-Salaam – Algiers Sunday-Thursday 9am-noon, Saturday 1-5pm 

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Flexibility (days)
Under 12 years
Under 24 months
Practical information

Perfect Mediterranean climate, all year round. The summer is hot but not torrid, the winter is moderately cold, and the spring and autumn seasons are the most pleasant to visit


Winter can be cool and woolens are essential. In summer the short sleeves are advised.


Algiers is at 1:20 flight from Tunis 


All year round, there is no gap with Tunisia (GMT + 1)


Arabic as main language, French as a second language


Algiers International Airport - Houari Boumedienne is located 16 Km east of Algiers.


Algerian Dinar (DZD)