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Terms of sale

Thank you for visiting the website nouvelair.com.

By accessing the website, you will find conditions relating to sales done on our website nouvelair.com and on our points of sale.
Please read these terms carefully before booking.

1.   Discounts

Infants and Children can be eligible to discounts as follows:

  • Infants under twenty-four (24) months of age pay 10% of the ticket amount excluding taxes.
  • Children over two (2) years old and under twelve (12) years may be eligible to special discount depending on the destination.

2.   Minimum stay

Nouvelair flights are not subject to any minimum stay

3.   Ticket use

The use of the return flight coupon is only possible after the use of the outward flight coupon.

4.   Booking changes

To make any changes, please contact one of our points of sale (see Contact us)

Booking modifications are subject to fare conditions, and to the settlement of applicable service charges.

The following modifications are permitted under applicable conditions:

4.1.   Personal details

4.1. a.   Surname / first name change  

  • The surname cannot be changed
  • The modification of the first name is possible until first scheduled departure flight date.A change fee is applicable.
  • In case of an ambiguous spelling mistake and if it cannot be attested by an identity document proving that the person willing to take the flight is the person who is registered on the booking, we will refer to the judgment of our staff.

4.1. b.   Passenger data change (contacts, civility, birth date, etc.)

Any data modification other than the surname and the first name (contacts, civility, date of birth, etc…) is possible without service fees, by simple request through one of our points of sale. 

4.2.    Flight change 

Any modification of the ticket is permitted, either the date of the flight or the airport of departure and/or destination, is subject to the conditions relating to the fare class. In the event of a ticket modification for a round-trip reservation, the penalty for the lowest fare class is applicable.

Destination France / Belgium :

Nouvelair propose three types of ticket on France/Tunisia - Tunisia/France & Belgium/Tunisia - Tunisia/Belgium destinations:

   - LIGHT: with 10kg in the cabin, and without luggage in hold.

   - EASY: with 10kg in the cabin, 25 kg hold luggage and seat for free (Standard & Priority).

   - FLEX: with 10kg in the cabin, 32 kg hold luggage and seat for free (All).

Hereafter, comparative table of the different tariffs types:





Rebooking up to 10 days before departure

for a fee


possible fare adjustment

free of charge


possible fare adjustment

free of charge


possible fare adjustment

Rebooking up to 3 hours before departure

for a fee


possible fare adjustment

for a fee


possible fare adjustment

free of charge


possible fare adjustment

Rebooking after flight departure



for a fee


possible fare adjustment

Once ticketing, the upgrading from one type to another is not allowed.

When rebooking flight, the services included in the tariff chosen will be transferred to the new flight (if available), however, non-refund is possible for the service that can not be transferred.

Other destination:

Flight related changes: date of flight or departure/destination airports are possible, however, they are subject to the payment of additional charges covering fare difference between booking classes, and administrative fees.

5.   Flight cancellation

Any booking cancellation request will only be accepted by email. Phone conversation cannot be considered a firm commitment to cancel the booking.

For any booking cancellation management fees will be applicable according to fare class. In the case of a round trip booking, the penalty for the lowest fare class is applied.

The refund(reimbursement) will be done through the same type of payment used when purchasing the ticket.

Passengers do not have the right of withdrawal for the purchase of their tickets.

Taxes amount paid by passenger for non-used tickets, will be refunded provided that passenger apply for a refund of these taxes within a maximum of three (3) months from flight date mentioning the booking reference, passenger’s names and the flight date. Without this information, the request will not be processed.

Management fees are applicable when refunding taxes.

Our company reserve the right to cancel the flight at least two (2) weeks before the departure date. In this case the company offers the passenger a new flight date or the full ticket refund.

If cancellation occurs less than two (2) weeks prior to the departure date, alternative transportation will be provided by the Company.

6.   Delay

In case of delay due to circumstances beyond the control of the airline, the passenger is not entitled to substitute transport. However, if the delay is at least five (5) hours’ long, passengers may cancel their booking and claim a refund on the unused ticket(s) for that booking.

7.   Schedule change

Our company reserves the right to make a schedule change and / or a new flight planning; however, any changes will be notified to the passenger in advance. 
For operational reasons, the company reserves the right to modify the flight itinerary including, for example, a stopover.

8.   Flight operated by other carriers

For operational reasons, and after having previously informed passengers, the company reserves the right to entrust the contract of carriage to another air carrier, having the same entitlements as our company.

The operating carrier will be considered responsible for the flight and the general carriage conditions of this air carrier will apply to the flight.

9.   Check-in Limit Time

Check-in time limit is 60 minutes before departure time shown on the ticket.

The passenger must present himself to check-in before check-in time limit in order to facilitate his journey and to prevent his booking from being canceled.

The passenger must be present at the airport three (3) hours before the departure time.

10.   Baggage allowance

Baggage allowances offered to passenger depends according to travel destinations and booking classes. 

Excess baggage will be chargeable as per applicable pricelist (See our rates for services +)

The carriage of special baggage, such as bikes, surfboards, wheelchairs and pets, etc.., is subject to special conditions. (See Services + General sale conditions)

 11.   Ancillary services

Buying one or more ancillary services (see our rates for services +) will result in the full acceptance of Services+ General sales conditions and all provisions thereof.

12.   Credit card Payment

The credit card can be requested, for verification, at the check-in. 

13.   Security

NOUVELAIR offers a secure and confidential online payment system.

In case of online payment, bank details will not be kept.

When the passenger creates an account on our website, he sets his username and password, this username and password will be asked for later use or for updating information about his account. Passenger profile and data are protected by this his username and password. Passenger is the only responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password.

14.   Protection of personal data

In connection with the use of its services and in particular the services accessible on its website, its mobile site and its mobile applications, Nouvelair, as a data controller, may collect and process personal data concerning you .

Nouvelair is concerned about respecting the privacy rules of its passengers, prospects and visitors to its website, its mobile site, its mobile application, its call center, its points of sale, ...

All the processing of personal data implemented in the context of accessible services complies with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, in particular the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) or "RGPD". .

Your data is mainly used for booking and ticket purchase, delivery of services or specific services: transportation delivery, prospecting, loyalty, business information, satisfaction surveys, new services and products to improve your customer experience on board our planes and airports, handling your requests and / or claims, fighting fraud ...


Services + Rate Note
Seat + 15 € 1st row + emergency exit
Priority seat 10 € 2nd , 3rd and 4throw
Standard seat 6 € Any seat other than the seat + and the priority seat
Pet in cabin 40 € Weight until 7 kg (including the cage weight )
Pet in hold 50 € Weight between 7 et 25kg (including the cage weight)
Beyond 25kg, extra kilos will be charged at the excess baggage rate
UM (Unaccompanied Minor)  40 €  
Excess luggage 7 € By level (for France) Please see Luggage page
Sport equipement 35 € Windsurf, kayak, deltaplane, bike , hunting sport, diving equipment…
Weight until 15kg
Golf equipement 10 € For the first 15 kg
Beyond 15 kg, extra kilos will be charged at the excess baggage rate
Handisport Free  
Wheelchair Free  

Meals on board :

     Premium menu

     Special menu

     Menu spécial


13 €

7 €

6 €

Service available up to 24 hours before flight depature
DUS Airport 30 €  
Primeclass 25 € Flights from Monastir / Enfidha
AVS TUN 25 € Flights from Tunis
ELITE 35 € Flights from Tunis
Priority check-in 7 € Flights from Tunis, Monastir, Djerba, Paris and Lyon
Priority boarding 7 € Flights from Tunis, Monastir, Djerba, Paris and Lyon